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Many people are now choosing cupcakes as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

A  Cupcake Tower looks absolutely stunning and can hold up to 250 cupcakes (or as few as 20!). We can also make a matching cutting cake or Giant Cupcake to go on top of the tower.


Weddings Cakes are as fashioable as ever with our Vintage Wedding cakes being the most popular design. Please browse through our gallery for some of our designs.


But the most popular option we have at the moment is our CakePop Wedding Cake. Tiers of CakePops are arranged on a custom made stand and topped either with a cutting cake or Bride and Groom Cakepops. Guests can choose to enjoy their CakePops on the day or bring it home to appreciate the following day as they travel really well.


At Lavender Cupcakes we also do a 'Mini Cupcake Cone' which is a delightful and unique way of displaying mini cupcakes.

The mini cupcakes can either be lifted off individually by your guests or taken to the kitchen and plated by the hotel staff.

The mini cupcake cone is available in various sizes and to your specification of colour, decoration etc.








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